Private Press Printing

Waterbased Screen Printing

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Private Press Printing is an exclusively Waterbased Screenprinting Service. Our commitment to environmentally responsible Screenprinting has led to a specialization and style that cannot be replicated with traditional techniques in the industry.

Why Waterbased?

Waterbased inks cure into the substrate and unite with the garment lending to its softness. The weight of the ink evaporates and the colour remains bold on any coloured garment. It is a misconception that Waterbased inks are transparent and do not show up vibrant on darker shirts. This is not true. We offer premium opaque Colours on dark garments that radiate and do not crack or fade over time. Clients choose Private Press Printing

Proud to be 100% solvent free


T-Shirts, Crewnecks, Hoodies, Infant & Children

Private Press Printing is the premier high end apparel printer in the greater Toronto area. Our experience in Screenprinting has resulted in a hybrid system of water based inks that result in the most vivid colours on both dark and light garments. Our unique printing methodology leaves your end product feeling as soft as the garment itself.

Fine Art

Editions, Prints, LP Jackets, Custom Packaging

We Give your artwork the white glove treatment with our experience producing gallery and store ready screenprints.

We can recommend a specific material for any project, or print on client provided stock. Die cut LP & 7” jackets always available.

Tote Bags

Increasingly popular Tote Bag Screenprinting provides a highly useful reusable portable advertisement for your business. We offer budget and lightweight models, and materials vary in weight, size, gusset and colour.